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See Founder Benefits Provided by Carta

20% Discount + Waived Implementation Fees

Anyone who signs up using this unique link, will benefit from a 20% first year discount and waived implementation fees. You can also sign up for Carta’s Free Launch plan here.

Access to Carta's Fundraising Insights and Hiring Insights Guides

Get access to private guides chock full of incredibly helpful insights that founders love here.

Access to Carta's Workshop Decks

Access to Carta’s Startup Equity, Capitalization & Fundraising Insights & Fundraising 101 decks.

Access to Investor List

Find a small list of investors that founders can use as a resource and toggle by industry and stage here.

Access to Carta Collective Mentors

If you’re interested in talking with some of Carta’s senior-level folks and executives with regards to your startups, you can request to book time directly on their calendars here.

Access to Carta's Startup Stack

Any Carta customer can access the Startup Stack, which offers an array of discounts that Carta’s partners offer here.

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